Sunday, July 09, 2006

Stash Flash

As promised, here are the newest additions to my stash.

Prior to my trip to Boston, I bought Jaeger Siena 4-Ply in black for Orangina. I hope to get started on her soon. I really want to finish my Jaywalker socks before I start this. I'm flying to Raleigh for the week of the 18th and then Kevin and I will be in San Francisco on vacation the following week - so I'll have some air time to make some progress

In Boston, I visited one of my favorite shops in Newburyport, MA called Three Bags Full and purchased a skein of awesome pink, brown, and cream striped Trekking XXL sock yarn and some J.Knits turquoise, grey and black striped sock yarn. They are both really different, I love the colors and I can't wait to find the perfect pattern for these two.

We took an impromptu trip to Boone, NC for the Fourth of July (yes, I do work) and I visited a new yarn store in town, Laura's Yarn-Tastic. I went in just wanting to look around and came out with four hanks that were died in Mountain City, TN. How could I pass up local products? The yarn, died by Miss Babs is really different. I came home with two skiens off superwash sock yarn, one in pinks, purples and olive tones and the other in , bright purples, blues and greens (I thought of you, Nancy. Totally your colors). I also came home with a skein of her 100% Merino Wool in really cool shades of brown and gold. I will use this with some Cascade that I have and felt a neat bag with it.

The last skein I spotted while checking out (isn't that where all the best stuff is?) was in the half-price bin. It was a skein of Miss Babs 100% wool in the neatest shades of black, grey and navy blue. You may be able to see the colors in this close up. I think this combined with some Cascade 220 I have in gray, I should come up with something neat.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm Jaywalking, Too

On my flight to Boston, I started the Jaywalker socks that everyone seems to have made by now. I was a little late to the party, I guess. I made a lot of progress during my trip and I'm almost done with the first sock. I like the way they are turning out. I've never used size 1 needles, I've found they are pretty easy to use.

Here's a close up of the stitch patern. It's really easy and gives a great effect.

I've added to my stash and boutght yarn for Orangina. I'll give you a sneak peek into my shopping spree in Boston and Boone tomorrow when the weather is good enough to take photos outside.