Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm In the Same Boat

Well, I've neglected this site as well during the summer. I've not had the energy to knit since I've been working 60 to 70 hours each week. I hope that this insanity is coming to an end soon, but I'm not so sure that is going to happen.

I've picked up the needles, determined to finish my Somewhat Cowl sweater that I started in March. I've knitted about an inch or so after the join. I like knitting from the top down so far. Here's what it looks like so far (sorry for the bad photo).

I may wish that I had knit this in a size smaller, but it seems to fit fine, just seems big right now in the arms. Maybe that will be better determined once I actually do the knitting on it.

Oh, I have to introduce you to my newest "child." This is Clyde. He is the new love of my life. He'll be 2 in November, so too young to ride, but I'm doing a lot of ground work with him right now. I work with a trainer once a week with him and it is amazing to watch a 1000 pound animal learn like a child would. It's the one thing I really force myself to make time for once a week and I just love my time with him. I'll have a reason to knit some cute hats, scarves, sweaters, finger-less gloves, etc. to wear at the barn this winter!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mea Culpa

I am feeling like the worst blogger on the face of the earth. I haven't posted here in forever, but I guess that is because I haven't been knitting either. This summer has been like a blur to me and now it is about over. Of course with the heat, it sure doesn't feel like summer is anywhere near ending. Today it is supposed to be 101, right now it is 97 and tomorrow's high is forecast to be 105. Somehow, I can't get too excited about knitting while it is baking outside.

Part of the problem with the weather is also how it affects flying. Due to the weather and forcing me to miss connectioning flights, I have been stranded for the night twice in Denver, once in Houston and once in Pittsburg. I hate summertime flying. In the winter they keep the runways clean of snow, de-ice the plane and off it goes. But in the summer, let there be a thunder cloud anywhere in the vicinity of take off or landing and the pilot keeps the plane on the ground. I hate summertime flying, or did I already say that?

I've also been too busy with work to have any free time to knit. I used to knit in my hotel room at night, but this summer I have had so much work to do, analysis and reports that I've been putting in some very long days work. I've got to get my priorities straight and put knitting farther to the top. I have been working on a baby sweater which is almost completed. I will see the new father this week, so I plan to finish it tomorrow. It is a pattern from Yarn Market called Nana's Hooded Baby Jacket.
The yarn is a ribbon in a cream color and the size is supposed to be 1 - 2 years old. It looks a little small to me, but then it's been a while since I've been around a baby. The baby who is getting the sweater is a few months old but lives in Chicago, so the sweater should come in handy this fall.
After the weather cools down, I want to knit a sweater coat for Lisa. I picked out a kit from Ram Wools. It is wool so I am definitely waiting til it is cooler to start it.
Will try to be a better blogger in the next few weeks. Keep adding to your stash. The urge to knit always hits at the oddest times (usually when the LYS is closed!)