Sunday, October 28, 2007

WFAT - Underway

WhereFore Art Thou (WFAT) is underway. I love the design of this pattern and the lace is easy to knit up. Today's fashions crack me up. Everyone is questionably expecting - it's why I've nicknamed this sweater WFAT. It could mean a lot of things - Wonderfully FAT. Wickedly FAT. Whoa FAT! Whoknowsmaybeshe'sjust FAT? In any case.... that's what this is becoming. I took this photo on Friday. I'm now through three repeats of the lace pattern. I secretly hope that I'm done with it by this weekend so I can wear it to the Steeplechase Races, but I'm going to be realistic. I'll have a back up outfit in mind - just in case.

Oh, and Ravelry is AWESOME. You should absolutely sign up if you haven't already. I bought some cheap chunky yarn to knit the girls snoods this weekend. A snood is designed to keep a greyhound's ears and neck warm in cool weather, as they have the tendency to catch a chill easily. A friend of mine calls my dogs "snake dogs." When he heard that I was knitting a snood for them, he asked if a snood was hood for a snake dog. Here's a picture of the snood I am making for them, thanks to a great new friend I've met on Ravelry.

Lizard Ridge and Gloves

My local yarn shop is doing a Lizard Ridge KAL so I am knitting along with them, even though I can't make the meetings. Here is my progress so far! 7 of the 24 blocks done. The color isn't so good in the picture, but these blocks are ADDICTING! Don't start them unless you are really ready to spend all your time knitting blocks. They are a great portable project, in case you are traveling soon.

I am having fun with the blocks and the different Noro Kuyreon yarn! This blanket should really be warm! I just hope I don't felt it by mistake! I have an afghan that I knit for my mother in the 1960s out of some wool and I know she must have machine washed and dried it because it is slightly felted. Thank goodness she took it out of the dryer when she did or it might have been a potholder when she finished.

My other project has been the gloves from Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn. I've found that I would rather knit gloves than socks so I'm jsure these won't be my last. I have some Louet Gems sport weight that I'm going to use for some gloves as well. I haven't tied in the loose ends on this picture, so I won't be wearing them with the strings hanging!

I used the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd for the directions to knit the gloves. Do you have that book? It was the first place I looked when I thought I would knit gloves. Made the process easy.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

That is so cooooool!

I am so delighted to pass to you the "official black sheep of the family" baton! HAHAHAHAHA! OK, so do each of your aunts get one for Christmas?

Seriously, that is such a wonderful thing to do. Just think of the stories you'll tell. I can't wait to see it all! No pun intended. With your experience, maybe we can do one that is knitting related!

My alpacha gloves were cute but not too serviceable. The yarn doesn't have the stretch you need for the gloves to fit the hands. So,now I'm using some Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn to knit some gloves. To be on the safe side, I am using K1P1 from the cuff all the way to the fingers. The gloves look kinda strange, but they fit and hopefully will stay on.

Here is my latest finished project.

It's my red sweater from the Red Sweater KAL. I need to post the picture to that blog as well.
I have too many UFOs to even begin blogging about them.
I'll write more later, meanwhile keep the posts coming!

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Wait is OVER!

I finally got my invitation to Ravelry on Thursday and the buzz is worth it. What an awesome site. My screen name is greytblackdog. So if you're on, come by and say hi. I've not gotten a ton of stuff added to my list yet, but it is an incredible community. The groups are awesome. I've only joined 2 so far, but I'm sure I'll find more. If you've not signed up on the waiting list to get an invite, you should do so NOW. It only took me 2 months to get mine!

So, here's my surprise. Check out the calendar 11 of my favorite greyhound women and I made this summer for 2008. It's getting a lot of attention in the greyhound community and we hope eventually the national media will pick it up (which we're working on). Maybe this will make the official black sheep of the family!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Glad you are back!

I'm so glad you are back on the blog! I've missed you and what you are working on.
The current project looks great! I'll bet it works up fast and will make a cute vest. Where did you get the pattern?

At Stitches Midwest, I met 3 women from Wichita and we hung around together. Since then we've stayed in touch and this last Saturday took a day trip to Guthrie to the yarn shop there, S.W.A.K. for a day of shopping. This shop is wonderful with friendly staff and a fantastic inventory. She carries a lot of Berroco yarn and patterns. The shop has a spring workshop each year, this year in May and my Wichita knitting buddies and I are going to go to it this year. On the stash ehancement expedition, I bought enough yarn to do a sweater using Reality by Artful Yarn. The colorways are all named after TV Reality shows, Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor, etc. I bought enough of the Amazing Race to knit a cool jacket sweater. Can't wait to get it started!
I just finished a pair of alpaca gloves for Heidi. When she ice skates her hands get so cold. She buys gloves (and of course looses them) wherever - WalMart,etc and they are all synthetic - not waterproof and not warm. I uses some Alpaca sock weight yarn - I think Cascade yarn but not sure. It was my first attempt to knit gloves which I did over the last weekend, but got the fingers too short, so I had to rip them down and re-knit the fingers. I could have started over and re-knit the entire glove in the time it took to rip and re-knit just the fingers! I enjoyed knitting them so much that on our yarn shopping trip I bought some Jitterbug by Collinette (sock weight wool) and am knitting another pair - only this time for me! I'll post a pic when I get home and can take one.
Just glad we are back to blogging now.