Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Glad you are back!

I'm so glad you are back on the blog! I've missed you and what you are working on.
The current project looks great! I'll bet it works up fast and will make a cute vest. Where did you get the pattern?

At Stitches Midwest, I met 3 women from Wichita and we hung around together. Since then we've stayed in touch and this last Saturday took a day trip to Guthrie to the yarn shop there, S.W.A.K. for a day of shopping. This shop is wonderful with friendly staff and a fantastic inventory. She carries a lot of Berroco yarn and patterns. The shop has a spring workshop each year, this year in May and my Wichita knitting buddies and I are going to go to it this year. On the stash ehancement expedition, I bought enough yarn to do a sweater using Reality by Artful Yarn. The colorways are all named after TV Reality shows, Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor, etc. I bought enough of the Amazing Race to knit a cool jacket sweater. Can't wait to get it started!
I just finished a pair of alpaca gloves for Heidi. When she ice skates her hands get so cold. She buys gloves (and of course looses them) wherever - WalMart,etc and they are all synthetic - not waterproof and not warm. I uses some Alpaca sock weight yarn - I think Cascade yarn but not sure. It was my first attempt to knit gloves which I did over the last weekend, but got the fingers too short, so I had to rip them down and re-knit the fingers. I could have started over and re-knit the entire glove in the time it took to rip and re-knit just the fingers! I enjoyed knitting them so much that on our yarn shopping trip I bought some Jitterbug by Collinette (sock weight wool) and am knitting another pair - only this time for me! I'll post a pic when I get home and can take one.
Just glad we are back to blogging now.

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pattysea said...

Hi Nancy, I sure enjoy reading the knitting and greyhound blogs.
Heather is such a wonderful daughter-in-law and PERFECT for Kevin. I wish I had some of her craft ability. She has made many wonderful knitted items for our entire family.