Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bad Blogger... Bad Knitter...

I'm ashamed of my neglect of this blog. I couldn't believe how long it's been since I posted here. I've been struggling with migraines lately and now that it seems that I have those under control, thanks to some new meds that I take everyday, I am back up to speed. But for about three months there I was struggling with as many as 8 or 9 headaches a month, which really interfered with my knitting time, not to mentioned made me pretty much useless in general. Things are much better now.

I did finish a few things since my last post:

1. My Somewhat Cowl is now complete. Photo to come later. I hate finishing. I really need a class on this to feel more confident.

2. A great hat and fingerless mittens. Photo to come later.

On the needles:

1. My Einstein Coat - yes, I'm still working on this darn thing. It gets so darn hot in GA during the summer that I can't work on it or else I burn up. I want to have it done by Christmas. I WILL have it done by Christmas. I'm 1/2 way there.

2. The Fisherman's Shrug - even though I've read that people continue to have trouble with this pattern online, I've started the large size of this pattern as it is written, while using the revised measurements and keeping my fingers crossed. I'd like to try and finish this in a couple of weeks. We'll see. I got a great deal on the Lion Brand Yarn at Handcock Fabrics a week ago when it was 2o% off the regular price and I had a coupon for an additional 10% off.

I'll drag the camera out tomorrow and take a few photos of the finished objects. The good news is I have two new work assignments in Orlando and in Phoenix this winter - two places warm enough to wear short sleeves in January.

Knitting again

I've really enjoyed being off work this week, so I could do more knitting. I finished the sweater for Lisa, but was disappointed that I had made it too large. So I got to rip-it out and start over again. In a way that was good as I was able to improvise a little. I decided rather than knit it in 3 pieces, back and 2 fronts, to cast on enough stitches to do it in one piece to the underarms, then split it for fronts and back. I have done that and am now working on the back separtely. I will knit the 2 fronts at the same time, but that will need to wait a while.

I got really fed up with the Sunrise Jacket. It wasn't working out with the row gauge. The stitch gauge was OK, but my rows count was off. This sweater requires too much math and too much time for it not to work out great. I decided to frog it as well. About that time I bought the winter Interweave Knits and fell in love with this Nantucket Jacket on the front.

I thought the black Wool of the Andes yarn that I was using for the Sunrise Jacket would be perfect for this. So, I started it as well with the frogged yarn. I have knit about 6 inches on the back and I really do like the pattern. I hope that I like the finished jacket and don't find my self frogging it.
I really should get back to my pair of socks, but frankly haven't been too interested in finishing them.
OK, so much for the knitting or frogging of this week.
Here is the scarf that I did a couple of weeks ago from the front of Vogue Knitting. I used Lion Brand Wool Ease and it's OK. Color is great, but it isn't as soft as it could be if I had used another yarn. I'll be glad to use it for the winter and it really stands out on a black coat. It was so much fun to finish - can't believe I'm saying that. I hate finishing, but the weaving of the long tubes to produce the scarf was amazing.