Monday, August 13, 2007

Stitches Midwest

I went to Stitches Midwest this weekend. Flew into Chicago on Friday, shopped all most of the day on Friday in the Market. It was fabulous! Just when you think you can't possibly knit another thing, along comes wonderful stuff. I bought a kit to make a wonderful wrap designed by the person, Maggie (sorry I forgot the last name) who does the wonderful Irish designs! The kit came with her latest book! I had to ship it home since I am not going home til Friday of this week. Can't wait to start it. I bought enough Tango to make 3 scarves, and enough yarn to do 2 vests.

The greatest part of the weekend was that I chose to show my Wright Wrap - from our previous post at the Student Show on Saturday's banquet.

I had been watching some fabulous pieces be shown, absolutely beautiful lace - which is really hard to do, so I was getting embarassed about showing the wrap and wished I could back out, but couldn't. My right arm is in a splint due to a tendon injury, so I got someone else to model it for me. I was so surprised when she started on the runway at all the applause! Then she turned around to show the back and you could actually here the audience do a collective gasp. Needless to say, I was so proud. Then at the end of the show they decided to give 3 prizes and they called my name as a winner of one! They were polite enough not to name them 1st, 2nd and 3rd, so I really don't know what they thought except it was a winner! I received a certificate for $100.00 off a 2008 Stitches event. But an even better situation is that I met the owners of Cascade Yarns and they were thrilled that the wrap was made from Cascade 220. So thrilled that Jean told me to send her the pics for her to put in their company newsletter. I hads stopped by her booth on Friday and showed her the pictures of the wrap. She thought the pics were great but told me after the show that the real object was so much more breathtaking. She also said that they always had extra yarn, (seems they bag into bags of 10 but the suppliers don't always send an even number of skeings) so for my next piece she can give me all the yarn I need to make it! Others were taking my picture in the wrap - which I had to model on stage in order to get the prize. Others stopped me after the show and on Sunday to tell me how much they liked the wrap, including some of the instructors who had stayed for the show. Needless to say, I am still pretty excited. This was an awesome moment in my knitting career.