Monday, December 24, 2007

Catching up - again

Just thought I would blog since it's been a while. Have been too busy lately, but I guess we are all way over our heads with the holidays, work and trying to maintain some semblance of family life.
Last weekend Heidi participated in the local Christmas Ice Show. There were 4 songs in which she skated with 3 of the costumes provided, since they were group numbers and all the outfits had to look alike. She had one solo - skated to Once Upon a December from Disney's Anastasia. Lisa wanted the costume to be similar to the movie, yellow with a blue sash. Of course there is only one way to get that - make it. Luckily we have a great small shop that sells only knits - including Lycra - for swimsuits and leotards. But she didn't have any yellow, so the shop owner dyed the fabric to create the costume. I spent all day Sunday Dec 9 making the costume but It really turned out pretty and she skated so well. The costume really fit the routine and so many of her skater friends complimented her on the dress. I have a home-made video of the performance and am trying to learn how to upload it to the web (file is too large) so all the family can log on and view it. Meanwhile, here are some photos of her solo:

This is her spread eagle position - and here is the ending:

OK, now to my Christmas knitting. I finished the vest for Heidi and her American Girl Doll! I don't know if she will wear it or not, but it turned out cute. I have to get out today and find buttons - then wrap it for the tree.
I have a friend that I wanted to knit something for as a Christmas gift, and gave myself only a few days to get it done since I wouldn't be seeing her again before Christmas after last Thursday - 12/20. I thought the Tickled Pink scarf from the latest Knitter's would be great, but wanted to change it somewhat, varying the shades of the same color.

Well it was a disaster - butt ugly actually. Here is how far I got before I decided to abandon it.
Isn't it horrible? Looks like a bunch of snakes. Who would wear this around their neck?
Anyway I had some Rowan Wool/Cotton in a cream color and knit another scarf with the same pattern but didn't get it done in time. I'll have to give it to her after the holidays. The scarf pattern was easy to knit, once I put it on shorter needles. It is just 4 stockinette stitches knit from bobbins and occasionally twisting the yarns to join two strips for 4 rows. I really enjoyed knitting it, but since it is in such a bland color, I don't know if she will ever wear it. If I had time, I would try to dye it some color. Sorry that I don't have a picture of the finished scarf. Once blocked it looked good, otherwise it kinda just bunches up into a long skinny strip.
How is your knitting going. WFAT finished? I'm trying to decide what to bring along for my trip to your house. I have several projects going, but mostly with multiple colors - making it necessary to bring along more yarn than I want to carry.
Hope you have great holidays! Looking forward to our trip to your house. Next year, Kansas for Christmas?