Saturday, February 26, 2005

In the home stretch

Well, the big news out of Wichita today is that they have caught the BTK serial killer that has killed 10 women in the last 30 years. While the news conference was on TV this morning I did what I always do while watching TV, knit. Actually this morning I wove in the ends of this Aran sweater that I've finished for the TKGA Master's level program. It won't win any design awards, but I hope it fills the requirements for the level. I had some concerns about the bottom band, but all in all think it turned out OK. A lot of cabling went into making it. I have to send a picture of someone wearing the sweater and the cap so the committee can see that it actually fits and can be worn. So these are the ones I'm sending with the packet.

Aran Sweater for Master's program

The other requirement for the program is something in Fair Isle. Actually, I could have done the sweater in Fair Isle and the cap in Aran, but chose the other way around. I knit 4 caps before I got a pattern that I liked and got the shaping to work out the way I wanted. Maybe my head is just out of shape with everyone else's heads. I'm sure the cap won't win any design awards. I just hope the master's committee is OK with it.

Fair Isle Cap for Master's program Posted by Hello

I'm now finishing up the other reqirements, the swatches, questions and reports. I'm almost finished and should be able to get it all in the mail on Monday. I'll be thrilled to be that far along. Usually there are things that have to be reworked if the committee doesn't approve what you submitted. But that is not as difficult or as time comsuming as the original work. They are very nice about it and will tell you what you have failed to successfully complete. It is a learning experience and I've learned a lot while doing the other 2 levels.
I wonder what my mother would have to say about doing the master's program. There wasn't anything like this when she was knitting for us.
Well, back to the questions and research necessary to answer them.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Too Sick to Knit

I can't believe that I've felt so bad this entire week that I've not felt like picking up any project this entire week. I was in Memphis in a hotel room all week and all I had the strength to do was to sleep and watch tv. While home in bed over the past two days I've kept myself company in bed with my two new knitting books. I'm almost back to new.

I had to cancel my trip to Boone this weekend because I was so ill. I started work on a cute hat from one of my SNB books to give to my sister. I'm 50% done. I should be able to start work on the I-cord tomorrow. Maybe I'll have it done in time to send to her this week with the other stuff I was supposed to deliver on our trip. I didn't have the energy to start a larger project, like her purse. Sometimes you just want instant gratification.

Triangles and entralac

I liked the triangle scarf you made. Thought the colors were great and the technique inventive. The triangles (which are technically not short rows) reminded me of the base triangles in entralac knitting, so I thought I would share the felted entralac backpack that I knit in 2002. It is a kit from Knitability. You can see their designs on their web site, BTW one of the principles in Knitability, Gwen Bortner, is teaching at the TKGA conference in PA next month and I hope to take one of her classes. I usually don't buy kits, but liked the design so much I ponied up and bought it. The colors are great, black, gray, red and purple. And I know you like felting. Hope the pics show the colors great.

Felted entralac backpack

Bottom of backpack Posted by Hello

Entralac is so much fun to do, you work in small segments and each time you complete a triangle or square, you are so amazed as to how it fits together.

Looking forward to the conference.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

New Things

After a week in Memphis, I returned to my office this morning to gather some documents for my trip next week and I found a surprise package from my sister - two knitting books. I am thrilled!

The yarn for her purse arrived as I was leaving on Monday. I wound two of the four balls this afternoon. I hope to have the last two finished before bed tonight and then start on Heidi's bag tomorrow night while watching the Grammys.

The new project that I started last week "to keep my hands busy" is shown below. I taught myself how to work short rows as well as how to make corkscrew fringe. I just started using Walmart yarn because it was just a test project, but I kinda like the way it is coming out. Maybe it won't be bad for just a decorative piece.

For Valentine's Day I made my mom and her next door neighbor a notebook of dishcloth patterns that I found on the net. There are probably 75 different patterns. My mom's neighbor is 82 and is a very talented knitter. She is very active and you wouldn't believe she is as old as she is. I bought them each a set of size 7 bamboo needles and some yarn to get started. I'm excited about giving them their starter kits tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cute dog coat

I am so glad that you liked the last post. I wanted to show some possibilities. There are other ways to add yarn, but these are the ones I use the most. Glad they work for you.

Rosie's coat is so cute. You did a great job of the fitting, shaping etc. Congratulations! I'm sure you will use these techniques for the coat you are knitting. I know what you mean about keeping your hands busy. I am still working on the two sweaters (the Aran and one other) and have ordered yarn for another so I can have something to do that will be more portable, in case I get back on the road soon.

What about the TKGA conference? Have you sent in your request for classes and if so, which ones are you signed up to attend? I haven't registered yet, but think we should do so soon, if you are still going. Just let me know.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Killin' Time

You have no idea how timely your knitting lesson that you posted was. I had to apply your technique when finishing Rosie's doggie sweater, completed below. The photos were AMAZING! Thank you so much. You should write a book.

I'm really just killing time knitting little things like scarves and dishcloths until the yarn for my sweater arrives. I'm trying to find new stitches to practice. I'm also trying my hand and felting some roses for either my purses or to wear with my stuffy suits at work. Just things to keep my hands busy!