Saturday, February 12, 2005

New Things

After a week in Memphis, I returned to my office this morning to gather some documents for my trip next week and I found a surprise package from my sister - two knitting books. I am thrilled!

The yarn for her purse arrived as I was leaving on Monday. I wound two of the four balls this afternoon. I hope to have the last two finished before bed tonight and then start on Heidi's bag tomorrow night while watching the Grammys.

The new project that I started last week "to keep my hands busy" is shown below. I taught myself how to work short rows as well as how to make corkscrew fringe. I just started using Walmart yarn because it was just a test project, but I kinda like the way it is coming out. Maybe it won't be bad for just a decorative piece.

For Valentine's Day I made my mom and her next door neighbor a notebook of dishcloth patterns that I found on the net. There are probably 75 different patterns. My mom's neighbor is 82 and is a very talented knitter. She is very active and you wouldn't believe she is as old as she is. I bought them each a set of size 7 bamboo needles and some yarn to get started. I'm excited about giving them their starter kits tomorrow.

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