Saturday, February 26, 2005

In the home stretch

Well, the big news out of Wichita today is that they have caught the BTK serial killer that has killed 10 women in the last 30 years. While the news conference was on TV this morning I did what I always do while watching TV, knit. Actually this morning I wove in the ends of this Aran sweater that I've finished for the TKGA Master's level program. It won't win any design awards, but I hope it fills the requirements for the level. I had some concerns about the bottom band, but all in all think it turned out OK. A lot of cabling went into making it. I have to send a picture of someone wearing the sweater and the cap so the committee can see that it actually fits and can be worn. So these are the ones I'm sending with the packet.

Aran Sweater for Master's program

The other requirement for the program is something in Fair Isle. Actually, I could have done the sweater in Fair Isle and the cap in Aran, but chose the other way around. I knit 4 caps before I got a pattern that I liked and got the shaping to work out the way I wanted. Maybe my head is just out of shape with everyone else's heads. I'm sure the cap won't win any design awards. I just hope the master's committee is OK with it.

Fair Isle Cap for Master's program Posted by Hello

I'm now finishing up the other reqirements, the swatches, questions and reports. I'm almost finished and should be able to get it all in the mail on Monday. I'll be thrilled to be that far along. Usually there are things that have to be reworked if the committee doesn't approve what you submitted. But that is not as difficult or as time comsuming as the original work. They are very nice about it and will tell you what you have failed to successfully complete. It is a learning experience and I've learned a lot while doing the other 2 levels.
I wonder what my mother would have to say about doing the master's program. There wasn't anything like this when she was knitting for us.
Well, back to the questions and research necessary to answer them.

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