Monday, May 30, 2005


I treated myself to a new knitting magazine this weekend and purchased the latest issue of Knitters. It's a magazine that I don't usually buy because I never feel like I can make something in it, however; this time I just bought the magazine without looking through it. I was surprised to find quite a few adorable, knit-able, summer wraps that I think I can make. The Sunset Wrap on page 76 is so cute and would be perfect for me to take to Boston, where the summer evenings are too cool for this Georgia girl. So, I've made a commitment to make this wrap over the next month. Tomorrow I will go to my LYS to buy the 1400 yards of yarn I'll need as well as a new size 8 circular needle. I'd like to find a nice, neutral color so I can use the wrap into the fall, but I have a tendency to really dislike a blah color after working on a project for two weeks. Let's hope this goes quickly. I leave for Boston on June 28th. It looks challenging, but the outcome looks worth the effort. I'll take photos of my progress and let you know how I'm doing.

Speaking of my LYS, there's a new yarn shop in town! I just stopped in for a few minutes at Creative Yarns, but I have to say my brief experience was very positive. Friendly staff, interesting knitting opportunities and, most importantly, an eagerness to draw in younger knitters. In glancing at her class schedule, I'd like to take her color class. I do fine with just one color, but when it comes to switching colors, carrying each color along the back, etc., I have some trouble. I hope I can make the dates of the class work. Instruction aside, I'd like to have the opportunity to knit with other people. Since I'm never home, and when I am I don't want to leave, I rarely have the opportunity to knit in a group. I think it would be good for me.

Monday, May 23, 2005


I love the flowers! I'll bet the beads took a while to do, but they really add to the flower. I can't wait to make some myself. You should think about selling these at Mossy Creek. Can you do that?

Well the sweater and the written directions must be finished by June 10th so I am working under a time frame. I'm knitting as fast as I can. I've let the master level work sit untouched for the last 2 weeks as I work on the sweater.

I haven't received anything about Stitches East, but I know it is Sept 22 - 25 and at the Atlantic City Convention Center. I agree it would be fun to stay at a Trump Hotel. Selfishly, I would like to use frequent stay points to stay free, but I'll bet that won't happen isnce my points are Marriott or Hilton points. You can go to the web site and sign up to have brochure sent to you, but I don't think it is ready yet or I would have gotten it. I got the Stitches Midwest brochure a few weeks ago and it is in August in Chicago. I can't wait to see what classes they are offering and select the ones I want to take. These events are so great, I always learn a lot and leave inspired to work on a new project.

I'm at home the first part of this week and will finish the sweater today, I hope. Wish me luck on that. I'll send pics later.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Stress-less Stitching

There's no reason to stress. It stinks that you have to start over on a couple of the pieces, but at least it isn't the sweater! There's no timeframe that you have to have them complete is there? If not, if you don't get everything done in one week, no big deal.

I finally finished two flowers. They are super easy and fast. The beading takes the longest. Here's a photo of the two that I've completed:

It feels good to actually finish something. It even made me pull out my magazines and look again at a sweater that I've had my eye on. Nothing started, but the thoughts are there. You've gotta start somewhere - right?

My follow through has been horrible lately. I've got to make more of a commitment to knit at least every other night during the week. Unfortunately, I think my dog and I look a lot alike these days during the evening - wiped out! I've got to find more energy to commit to my needles. We'll see how successful I am.

I've not received any information from the event in Atlantic City in September. I should go back to that site and see if they have posted a brochure yet. Even though it is four months away, it will be here before you know it! Let me know if you get anything. I wonder if the event will be at a Trump hotel. Atlantic City is so cheesy. It would be fun to stay in a super cheesy hotel!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Stressed Knitting

I loved the web site with the flower patterns. You've inspired me to knit some flowers for my suits. I think they will add a neat touch. Thanks for including the web link.

I've been a bit stressed lately. Got too much going on. First, my submission for master level III came back with a lot more work needed. My sweater passed, but several of the swatches need re-knitting as well as the cap. I got started on that right away, since I didn't want to quit nor let it sit on the shelf forever waiting for me to get time to complete the work.

Then I got an email from Cast On accepting my offer to write an article for the magazine. The topic is using Microsoft Excel to help in knitting Aran sweaters. They agreed to publish the article in the winter/holiday 2005 issue but wanted a design to go with the article. I didn't have one ready, so 2 weekends ago I worked out a design, bought yarn and started an Aran pullover for Heidi (little Heidi, that is). I've completed the back and am past the armholes on the front. I'm using a washable DK weight yarn so that it won't be too bulky for a 6 year old. The sweater has to be done by June 10th and the article by sometime in August (I forgot the date).

Add to that, I am now working on 2 engagements, one in Nebraska and one in Illinois. I could be adding one in Washington before the summer is over. That is keeping me hopping! On top of that I do some work with a professional orgainzation (item writing for an advancement exam) and I have 15 questions due in August. These have to be researched and meet a lot of requirements to assure that they are testing the right knowledge. No easy task, how did I get talked into that committee?

I have grandmother duty next week Mon - Wed and then go to IL on Thursday and Friday. I hope to finish the sweater, write the pattern and plan 3 work relatedpresentations before I leave here on Thursday morning. Don't think there is enough time to get all that done! Needless to say I am a bit stressed. I thought summers were supposed to be fun! What happened.

On June 4th am going to Kansas City. It is my semi-annual trip to the periodontist there. We have perios here in Wichita, but I have been going to this guy in KC for about 7 years so I proposed to keep going to him. Lisa and Heidi will go up with me since we will be spending the weekend in the indoor water park that Heidi just loves. If the sweater isn't done by the time I go I'll have to spend some time in the hotel room, knitting. When it is done, the stress should lessen for a while.

Now I want to knit some flowers jut for fun and as a de-stresser! Will that work? Needless to say the Master Knitting re-do will just have to wait. May be fall before I get back to it.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

One Flower Down

Well, I finally finished something - kind of. I used my sock yarn from KnitPicks to knit the second flower from the most recent issue of Knitty. All I have left to do is bead the center and attach the pin back. It looks cute and I'm debating on whether or not to add a leaf. I'll take a picture this week and upload it. I hope to find time to make a few more to give away just for fun. They are very easy and work up really quickly, so it keeps my hands busy and lets me feel like I can accomplish something.

I'm 80% of the way there on the shawl that I started two weeks ago. Needless to say I didn't wear it in Boone last weekend. I've just not found the time to dedicate to a long period of knitting. Tomorrow night I may make more progress on it. I've just got a case of knitting ADHD, I guess.

I received my first issue of Cast On in the mail on Monday of this week. I'm now officially a member of TKGA. I enjoyed looking at the photographs, although I have to admit I've not really had time to read very much in it. Same goes for the new issue of Interweave Knits. I'll get to them soon.

Heidi has left for her trip to London for the week. I've trusted her to pick out some fabulous yarn for me while she is in York. I'm excited to see what she brings home for me.