Monday, October 30, 2006

Catching up

That You Tube video was too cute. I really identified with that poor lady. She must have been knitting the scarf from the front of the new Vogue Knitting When I got the magazine, I was so impressed with it that I went right out, purchased ome Lion Brand Wool Ease (I know, but I wanted to start it right away and since I really don't have a good LYS I decided Wool Ease would work.) Well the scarf is clever, but seems to go on forever. Seems that it is knit as gigantic "I" cords, 9 sitiches each on 2 sock needles. I spend more time changing needles than I do getting into a knitting rhythm. There are six of the cords each about 90 inches long. So far, I've finished 4 of the cords. When I finally finish all six they are braided.

I thought I would post the pictures of my latest finished projects. Here is the baby sweater I knit for a friend of mine. I used a ribbon yarn called Phoenix from Yarn Market.

Now I am working on the scarf from Vogue and some socks. Here is what the socks look like.

I'm using some Cascade Fixation yarn, very colorful and I think will look great with my Crocs flip flops over the winter months. I used the Jaywalker pattern for the top and then I'll use a pattern for summer socks for the foot portion. I'll post again when I finish them.

I've finished the Selkirk jacket from Ram Wools.
The yarn is great, but full of pieces of straw, sticks, weeds, etc. I was constantly picking all that stuff out as I knit. The yarn softened up when washed for blocking. It also "bloomed" and makes my knitting look great. I did like knitting with it and think the finished product will be super, once I get time to finish it. I would much rather knit than finish, right?

I'm also doing the Sunrise Circle Jacket from Interweave Knits, using some great wool from Knit Picks. I wish I could post a picture of that project, but can't. I got the pattern free with a subscription to the Interweave Knits on line magazine. It's a pretty good deal, free and has free downloadable patterns. I'm hoping I can wear it for work, since I'm making it in black yarn and the style is fairly professional.

Now, to work on the socks tonight, before going to work tomorrow. I've got the socks and yarn in my brief case and since there is nothing to do in this location (near the airport in Newark, NJ), it will be a good night for knitting. I'll be doing an engagement here for the next few months, so maybe I'll find your favorite yarn shop in Manhattan. If you are going to be here, let me know and we'll plan a dinner and yarn shopping trip.