Friday, May 20, 2005

Stressed Knitting

I loved the web site with the flower patterns. You've inspired me to knit some flowers for my suits. I think they will add a neat touch. Thanks for including the web link.

I've been a bit stressed lately. Got too much going on. First, my submission for master level III came back with a lot more work needed. My sweater passed, but several of the swatches need re-knitting as well as the cap. I got started on that right away, since I didn't want to quit nor let it sit on the shelf forever waiting for me to get time to complete the work.

Then I got an email from Cast On accepting my offer to write an article for the magazine. The topic is using Microsoft Excel to help in knitting Aran sweaters. They agreed to publish the article in the winter/holiday 2005 issue but wanted a design to go with the article. I didn't have one ready, so 2 weekends ago I worked out a design, bought yarn and started an Aran pullover for Heidi (little Heidi, that is). I've completed the back and am past the armholes on the front. I'm using a washable DK weight yarn so that it won't be too bulky for a 6 year old. The sweater has to be done by June 10th and the article by sometime in August (I forgot the date).

Add to that, I am now working on 2 engagements, one in Nebraska and one in Illinois. I could be adding one in Washington before the summer is over. That is keeping me hopping! On top of that I do some work with a professional orgainzation (item writing for an advancement exam) and I have 15 questions due in August. These have to be researched and meet a lot of requirements to assure that they are testing the right knowledge. No easy task, how did I get talked into that committee?

I have grandmother duty next week Mon - Wed and then go to IL on Thursday and Friday. I hope to finish the sweater, write the pattern and plan 3 work relatedpresentations before I leave here on Thursday morning. Don't think there is enough time to get all that done! Needless to say I am a bit stressed. I thought summers were supposed to be fun! What happened.

On June 4th am going to Kansas City. It is my semi-annual trip to the periodontist there. We have perios here in Wichita, but I have been going to this guy in KC for about 7 years so I proposed to keep going to him. Lisa and Heidi will go up with me since we will be spending the weekend in the indoor water park that Heidi just loves. If the sweater isn't done by the time I go I'll have to spend some time in the hotel room, knitting. When it is done, the stress should lessen for a while.

Now I want to knit some flowers jut for fun and as a de-stresser! Will that work? Needless to say the Master Knitting re-do will just have to wait. May be fall before I get back to it.


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