Saturday, February 19, 2005

Triangles and entralac

I liked the triangle scarf you made. Thought the colors were great and the technique inventive. The triangles (which are technically not short rows) reminded me of the base triangles in entralac knitting, so I thought I would share the felted entralac backpack that I knit in 2002. It is a kit from Knitability. You can see their designs on their web site, BTW one of the principles in Knitability, Gwen Bortner, is teaching at the TKGA conference in PA next month and I hope to take one of her classes. I usually don't buy kits, but liked the design so much I ponied up and bought it. The colors are great, black, gray, red and purple. And I know you like felting. Hope the pics show the colors great.

Felted entralac backpack

Bottom of backpack Posted by Hello

Entralac is so much fun to do, you work in small segments and each time you complete a triangle or square, you are so amazed as to how it fits together.

Looking forward to the conference.

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