Sunday, October 28, 2007

WFAT - Underway

WhereFore Art Thou (WFAT) is underway. I love the design of this pattern and the lace is easy to knit up. Today's fashions crack me up. Everyone is questionably expecting - it's why I've nicknamed this sweater WFAT. It could mean a lot of things - Wonderfully FAT. Wickedly FAT. Whoa FAT! Whoknowsmaybeshe'sjust FAT? In any case.... that's what this is becoming. I took this photo on Friday. I'm now through three repeats of the lace pattern. I secretly hope that I'm done with it by this weekend so I can wear it to the Steeplechase Races, but I'm going to be realistic. I'll have a back up outfit in mind - just in case.

Oh, and Ravelry is AWESOME. You should absolutely sign up if you haven't already. I bought some cheap chunky yarn to knit the girls snoods this weekend. A snood is designed to keep a greyhound's ears and neck warm in cool weather, as they have the tendency to catch a chill easily. A friend of mine calls my dogs "snake dogs." When he heard that I was knitting a snood for them, he asked if a snood was hood for a snake dog. Here's a picture of the snood I am making for them, thanks to a great new friend I've met on Ravelry.

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