Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pattern and Wrap

That's a great pattern and I think you can do it. If you are like me, I want to start knitting as soon as I can after deciding to knit the pattern. Why don't you get some yarn that you have left over from another project and appropriate sized needles, cast on about 3 multiples of the wrap's pattern stitches and practice the stitches. It will make the real project soar when your real yarn arrives, since you will already have worked out the stitches in the pattern. It will make the pattern flow much easier when you get the "good" yarn.

I finished the child's sweater and have already mailed it to Cast On. I will be writing the article to go with it, hopefully over the weekend. It's a great load off my mind to have it finished. I made a size 8 so hopefully when I get it back it will fit Heidi and she can have it for the winter.

I'm real excited to have started the ruana wrap that I designed. It is fun to knit it using all the colors that I selected. I am using intarsia since the color is in large blocks. It is not conducive to travel since I would have to carry too many balls of yarn. I'm hoping that I can enter it in a design contest later this year.
Did you get the brochure for Stitches East? I have it in my briefcase and will make my class choices soon. I hope you are still planning to go. It will be a fabulous experience for you. My first trip to a Stitches event was so great.

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