Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Airport knitting

Well, where has this summer gone? I can't believe that next week is the last week in July and I have very little to show for it in the way of knitting. My traveling has picked up and I will be spending part of each week in Lincoln, NE and the other part of the week in Seattle WA for the remainder of the year. I'll need to find something that is portable knitting. The wrap that I am working on uses too many colors on each row and the pattern requires too close observation for me to feel comfortable working on it in the airport.

I am seeing more and more knitters in airports. Are you? On Monday's trip, I saw 2 women knitting in the Minneapolis airport and one on the same flight I was on into Lincoln. It is fun to see a craft that I love so much being enjoyed by others.

I envy you the shopping trip in Massachusetts. Yes, you can drop a paycheck on yarn without batting an eye. A couple of years ago I was in Stevens Point Wisconsin and found a yarn shop with a great warehouse sale. I had a shopping cart full before I stopped. I'm still working on some of that yarn, but still buy more. My motto is going to be.."She who dies with the biggest yarn stash, wins!" I'm sure that it applies to more than me when it comes to a yarn stash.

How did your summer wrap turn out? I'm so glad you bought a copy of Knitter's. It is one of my favorite mags. I've subscribed to it for a few years. You know there are people who collect all the back issues. I know someone in Tulsa who has a complete set! Every issue! It has taken her a while to collect them all, but Ebay has helped.

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