Saturday, December 31, 2005

Behold Beautiful Ophelia

Here's Ophelia in all her glory. I'm happy with the way it came out. The directions say to put thin wire in every piece of that fringe, but I think it will be fine as is. I'm not sure when I'll get to wear it since it is 70 degrees here today. But I finished her before the new year.

While looking online for a new pattern to work on, I read one of my favorite blogs, Midnight Knitter, and decided to try these mittenettes. I really have no reason and I'm sure I won't ever wear them it gave me an excuse to do two things:

1. Use my new ball winder that my mom gave me for Christmas
2. Practice shaping and I've never tried to do something with a thumb.

I used the great wool that we bought at Stitches in those grab bags for $15. The ball winder was a necessity. There has to be 400+ yards in one of those hanks. I think they look pretty neat. I finished the first last night in about two hours. I worked the left this morning in about an hour and a half and all I have left is the top ribbing and the thumb. I'm no longer throwing my stitches and I can definitely knit a lot faster.

I wonder if my sister would want something like this to use while driving. We'll see. It made me think that I might want to try a pair of socks next. The yarn was easy to work with. I'm not sure what the other 350 yards will become, but after looking at the way the colors came out, I may try felting something in it. We'll see.

Yes, I'm still working on the Einstein Coat. I've completed another 50 rows on the bottom. Only 67 more to go before picking up the stitches to start the top of the coat.

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