Tuesday, May 30, 2006

30th Birthday Blues

So, I turned 30 on Saturday. All of my friends and my husband are all older than I am, so I received no sympathy. I was stressed about it as the date grew closer, but it really wasn't a big deal after all.

Someone told me that their 30s was when they really figured out who they were. I hope that's true, because I have no idea. I just keep waiting to wake up one day and someone has figured it out for me, but I guess what I'll really come to grips with in my 30s is that the only one who can figure it out is you.

I'm trying to cure myself of my knitting ADD, although I've not done a particularly good job of it. I bought some craft store yarn to make the Honeymoon tank from the Knitty archive. Once I did the swatch I found that it didn't match the gauge called for in the pattern - so I knit a swatch on a size 7 needle (up one size) and although it gave me my gauge, the fabric didn't have the look I wanted. So, I decided to alter the pattern using the new gauge and knit it based on my measurements.

Let's pause here for a moment to realize that I don't do math. I hate math. I despise math. I hate everything about the possibility of adding two, two-digit numbers together without a calculator. Yes, I married a math teacher, who I use as my human calculator when I need him, but he would be little use to me in adjusting this pattern. Oh - and let's not forget that I've never finished any garment that I've EVER started.

So, I did some math (with my husband mocking me the entire time) and did a pretty good job in adjusting the stitch count as necessary. Even the decreases seemed to really work out, but when I got to the second set of increases I decided that I should try this thing on and see if it fit. I used some waste yarn to keep all my stitches in tact and slipped it on. The bottom wasn't too bad. But something had gone wrong when increasing. It was way too big. I liked the way it fit at the last set of decreases, so I decided to frog the thing back to there and continue to knit without increasing for the remaining of the tank. I think it seems to better fit my body type and I certainly don't need extra room in the bust.

I'm 1/3 of the way done before dividing for the v-shaped neckline. I was hoping to be almost done by my 30th birthday, but I guess I missed that deadline. I hope to have it done by the time we go to MA for vacation. I do have 8 hours coming up in the car when we go to Memphis in two weeks, so there's hope.

If it's true what they say about finding your true self in your 30s, I guess I confirmed for myself this weekend that I don't do math.

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