Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What day is it?

I know what you mean about Monday. Kinda like the movie "Ground Hog Day", right?

I'm not even sure what day it is or where I am. My travels are out of control as well as my WIPs. Since I last blogged it has been like this...Youngstown OH, Chicago, Youngstown, Bryan TX, Youngstown, Byan, and Youngstown. I'm really glad to get the work, but give a woman a break. How can I knit with all this traveling? I have to have time to yarn shop! I used to knit on planes, but lately have been either completing work from last venue or preparing for the next place while flying. So, I've got to get it under control and have more time to complete the knitting projects.

This past week of travel was absolutely the pits! I was flying from Houston to Denver to home. Got to Denver OK and the gate agents announced there were mechanical problems with our plane, then they proceeded to load Portland OR passengers on our plane (it was in our gate) and send them on our way. We waited for them to fix the Portland plane so we could take off. At 11PM they finally tell us they are cancelling the flight. I was re-booked on a 4PM flight on Saturday. Well there were about 60 of us booked on the Friday night cancelled flight, so 5 of us rented a car, left Denver at 12MN and drove 8.5 hours to get home. I was beat and am still fuming at the airlines. I really hate flying United and take all pains to avoid them whenever possible. I still haven't written my letter to the customer relations department of United, but believe me, I will. I don't usually get all bent out of shape about the trials of flying, but for them to outright lie to us, make us wait 3 hours before cancelling the trip and then don't have anything to offer til 4PM the Saturday afternoon! Meanwhile, I couldn't knit at all on the road trip home that night, it was pitch dark in the van all the way down the interstate in CO and KS.

I've frogged and restarted the ecru shell that I was knitting with the Cascade Yarn, then put it aside because Lisa wanted me to knit something for a silent auction that the ice skating club is having to raise some money for the club. She specifically wanted a ballet sweater. I found an adult pattern on the Lion Brand web site for free, got the Lion Brand Color Waves yarn while in Bryan and started the project. The pieces of it are finished but not put together. The yarn isn't the greatest, but the sweater will be washable and that is what the ice skaters will need. Maybe someone will buy it, but I'm totally prepared for it not to bring even the amount of the yarn. Next time, I'll just donate the amount of money that I would have spent for yarn and forego the knitting project.

Then I wanted to knit a scarf (the balloon pattern) from the Interweave Knits Scarf Style book for a very dear friend. I wanted "good" yarn, so I went yarn shopping at home. I really don't like my LYS but have nothing better. The lady there is really into weaving and always treats me with a snotty attitude. (Maybe that is a pre-requisite for owning a yarn shop, who knows.) I finally ended up with some silk/cotton/merino blend and began the scarf. After only a few rounds, I found that the yarn didn't really show the stitches, so I frogged that and started another scarf from the book. I don't remember the name of the scarf and don't have the book handy. It's shown in a really nice blue yarn. I knit for a while and didn't like the width of the scarf, frogged that and started over. I'm into skein #2 on that one. I like it but probably won't use it. I may put it in the silent auction as well. There is no way it will bring what I paid for the yarn, should've just donated that amount, right? There's a pattern of behavior developing here.

Meanwhile, I ordered yarn from Knit Picks to do the balloon pattern scarf for my friend. I'm really glad that I did! The yarn is great (again don't remember the name and am at work with the ball band in my hotel room a few miles away), it's soft, a color called Mulled Wine, and the stitches look great. I started that scarf last night in the hotel room. The pattern is a 42 row repeat, so I'll probably never have it memorized and the knitting will progress slowly. Glad it's spring and she won't need it til the fall/winter. This one isn't going in the silent auction. It's turning out too pretty. I'll post pictures when I get home (strike that - IF I get home this weekend).

So, I'm not sure what day it is, I am still in Youngstown and will probably be back here next week, with our without getting home this weekend.

I'm ready for a knitting retreat, Camp Stitches????TKGA conference????? Stitches Midwest or Stitches East????? What about you? I swore I wasn't going to one this year, but I'm getting itchy fingers and of course, I don't travel enough so this would be an excuse for a trip! HAHAHAHA Maybe we should plan something...Camp Stitches is June - in North Carolina, TKGA is July, Stitches Midwest is August, Stitches East is November. Lots to choose from. Last year was so much fun.

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