Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Closer to Stitches

I love Mandy! What a name and what a great pattern. No wonder you are enjoying knitting it. Where did you get the pattern? If you can do that I am sure you can do the other scarf. You will love cables and will be surprised as to how fun + challenging they are to complete. I worked out a way using Excel to keep up with the patterns. Actually that is the subject of the article that is supposed to be published in the upcoming holiday issue of Cast On magazine. I don't know for sure if it will be published, but they haven't returned the sweater so I assume they are using it for pictures for the article. We'll see.
I'm getting excited about Stitches. I have packed my bag with a couple of sweaters I finished lately since I think the weather may be cool enough to wear them. I will be going to Seattle after Stitches so I am sure the sweaters will come in handy there. I got my homework swatches completed, except the felted swatch. I didn't get a chance to do that. I may do it after I get there, since the class isn't until Saturday.
I finished the knitting on the Wright Wrap I am making. Now to do the finishing work which consists of sewing the panels together, duplicate stitching to form the "lead" as in leaded glass windows and do an edging for it. Knitting it was a challenge and I'll hope to complete the finishing work during the fall.
Can't wait to see you and to visit the Stitches market with you. I have signed up for several classes and of course the fashion shows. It will be so great to spend time with you, see some knitting buddies from Tulsa and meet new ones.

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