Monday, November 14, 2005

Great flower

I think the flower is fantastic! Glad that you told me about the size. I haven't started mine yet, but the yarn, needles etc are in my carryon bag. I got the impluse to knit what we called years ago a "stole", now a shawl or wrap, for a friend of mine who's mother died a few months ago and her father died in October. I wanted her to have something to wrap her arms around when she feels she needs a hug. So I brought that project and finished it last night (I didn't get to travel home this weekend). It is really pretty and unfortunately I don't have a camera with me that will take a decent picture. I plan to send it to here before I go home on Thursday. Now that the wrap is finished, I'll do the flower tonight.

I'm also finishing a sweater that I'm knitting for Heidi for Christmas. I think I wrote about it earlier.

What are you knitting now that you have finished your flower project? Can't wait to see the finished Ophelia. When it comes to doing the fringe, just take a deep breath and do it. Does the pattern speak to blocking before you do the frings? I think you will end up with kinky fringe if you do that and I thought the picture was very straight. Is that right?


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