Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm No Master Knitter, But...

First, congratulations on completing your work to become a certified Master Knitter. That's so exciting. I have thought about looking into starting this process, but I'm a little nervous. We'll see.

I've been collecting baby patterns over the last couple of weeks. We have friends who are due this summer and I thought I would have time to knit a few little things before their due dates. When we came home from vacation, we found out our friends who were due at the end of April/early May delivered on March 31. Britten Taylor was 6 lbs 10 oz and 18 inches long when she was born - a little on the small side, but can you imagine how big she would have been if she was born five weeks later! I made this little hat by combining several patterns and I'm almost done with the baby socks.

I don't like booties. They look silly and never stay on. And after they come home from the hospital, who puts these things on their kids. I ordered a book on baby socks off of e-bay that should be here any time now. Baby things are so remarkably small. I knew this before I started, but I kept looking at the hat thinking that it would never fit. But, it did.

I hope I can stay ahead of everyone else's birthdays so I will have a gift to take to the hospital. Britten and mom are doing fine and she's been home for over a week now.

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