Monday, April 10, 2006

Vacation Knitting

I was on vacation two weeks ago and being a road warrior for work last week, so I've not had time to post. In fact, my husband chose a vacation spot with no internet access and very little cell coverage in an effort to make me slow down. I really think it did more harm than good since I almost had a nervous breakdown without my e-mail or web access for a week.

I can admit it. When packing for vacation I had illusions of grandeur. I packed all of the yarn I needed to complete my Somewhat Cowl sweater. I packed enough yarn to make two pair of socks. I also packed some kitchen cotton to make my cute purse. I thought I would have all of this time to lounge around and knit. I guess I also thought that I became the fastest knitter in the world overnight. Needless to say I made progress on all of my projects - some more than others - but progress on each.

Somewhat Cowl Sweater: I've found out that the ragglan sleeve measurements may be off and I'll need to alter this to be sure it isn't too loose.

Mulligan Socks: I've frogged this damn thing four times now. I hate the way the heel is working out and I need to frog it AGAIN.

Polly Purse (Cute Purse): Polly was easy, but hard on my hands. I've got the embroidery to finish (four flowers) and I think I'm going to line this before I seam it up. We'll see how that goes.

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