Sunday, March 26, 2006

Master Knitter

I DID IT!!!! I've achieved the official title of Master Knitter. I got the final letter this week, with congratulations from the Master Knitting Committee! It was a lot of work. I did the Level 1 work in 2002, had some swatches to re-do but basically got through it OK. Then in 2004 I did the work for Level 2. I started Level 3 late in 2004 and sent off the swatches, hat and sweater along with the written work in March 2005. I got the review back with a lot of swatches needed to be re-worked. My mistake was using Lion Brand Wool Ease so the tension was a mess. I had worked some swatches in a Lamb's Pride wool and they were passed as submitted. After the Christmas holidays, I used either Lamb's Pride or Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn and re-did all the required swatches. Then the hat had to be reknit. It was a Fair Isle and the review committee didn't approve my technique. I finally got all the re-work mailed off in late February. One swatch of the re-submission needed some re-work this time. It was the invisible bind-off technique. The commitee chair was very helpful in mastering this technique. I re-did that one and mailed it off a couple of weeks ago. Finally, I have passed all the work and can consider myself a Master Knitter. I sometimes wonder what my mother would think of this. She wasn't much for guilds or clubs. So I think she is probably laughing at my thrill for passing the work. I'm pretty proud though. I would recommed that every knitter do the course. It is sponsored by The Knitting Guild Association and can be found at the web site. TKGA has a national conference in PA in July. I am thinking of attending at least part of the conference. I know I said I wasn't going to a knitting conference this year, but as the time approaches, I get itchey to attend. We had so much fun at Stitches East, maybe we should try to attend this one.

Your last post mentioned knitting magazines. Did you get the latest Vogue Knitting? There is a dress that I think you should try for yourself. It is made of Cascade Fixation, one of my favorite yarns. I have decided to work out a pattern for a top that I can wear with my St. John's suits. Will keep you posted on that.

I've finished the Dazzling Knits vest that I posted a few weeks ago. I'll add pictures later but right now am looking for buttons for it. I've also finished the knitting of the Catherine Lowe Body Wrap. I need to block it and will post pictures of it later as well. So I'm looking for projects again. Always need someting on the needles, right?

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Heatherly said...

i started level 1 this month.