Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'll Take a Mulligan - Or Two

Well, make that three. Last week I visited my sister in Boone and went to the LYS in Blowing Rock - Nan's Yarn Nook. I went in to buy the Addi Turbos for knitting my Somewhat Cowl sweater and I made the mistake of looking at the sock yarn. I bought enough to make two more pairs. I enjoyed my first pair and they are so darn portable, they fit my travel lifestyle.

So after a long day, I started a new sock. I was lazy and got cocky, so I didn't knit a swatch. I know. I know. Don't even go there. I really shouldn't be surprised that it was too small when I had the chance to slip it on.

So, I frogged it. It wasn't too painful - this time. Now you would think that I had learned my lesson and would have taken a little bit of time to knit a swatch before starting over. Of course not. I prefer to simply guess, keep my fingers crossed and get as far as turning the heel before I realize that I still didn't have enough CO stitches.

So I'm on my third try. I'm hard headed, but I eventually took time to knit a swatch last night, measure it and figure out the exact measurements I need for my socks. I will cast on tomorrow just to have something portable in the works.

Speaking of portable, the emerald green scarf that I knit on the flight to NYC has been calling my name recently. I really don't like the way it came out. Maybe it's because I never added fringe. Maybe it's because I don't like the way the variegated yarn almost striped when knit on the vertical. No matter what it is, I think I'm going to frog it tomorrow and start this "so-called scarf" pattern. I think the outcome is really cool and I think the variegated shades of green will really look cool in this pattern. I just love the color of this yarn too much to hate the project that it is used for.

I'm winding balls of yarn tomorrow. My Blue Sky Alpaca and the el-cheapo cotton that I ordered from Webs arrived on Thursday. Maybe I'll frog the scarf and wind it while I have the materials out. I'll post more tomorrow - with photos.

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