Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rally Warmer

Football in the south is a religion and it really doesn't matter what level of football you're talking about - high school, college or professional. The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) State Championships are this weekend and my alma mater, Northside High School, is in the AAAA State Championships for the third time in six years and the second year in a row. The Eagles have a great chance to bring it home this year and we lucked out and won the coin toss to host the game this Friday night.

Now it's been a little cool out in the evenings these last few games. Last week, the semi finals were held indoors at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, so no winter gear was needed. Thank goodness for indoor football since it was an unseasonable 16 degrees last Friday night. But this week it will be 30 something at game time and I felt like I should make something blue and white for the occasion.

The new winter issue of Knitty was out and this cute little head scarf seemed to be a quick and easy answer. Then two things happened that I never thought would:

1. I was in Walmart buying groceries and saw this cheap and perfectly colored blue and white colored yarn, which I thought would be interesting. I'm kind of a yarn snob. I really don't like acrylic and I knew, since it was at Wally World, it was acrylic, but I figured it was for a once in a while kind of thing, I'd take a second look.

2. The yarn, upon further inspection was actually camouflage colored yarn. Yes, camo yarn. I never in my life have liked anything camo colored. But this yarn seemed interesting to me. And I still can't quite figure out how blue and while qualifies as camo, I mean, maybe if you're hiding in an ocean or tropical area, but not in Middle GA.

Anyway - I bought the yarn. Acrylic, camo yarn to make this great pattern.

Now, I didn't make a gauge swatch. Why should I? There really wasn't a size. It was just a head scarf. I guess if I wanted to make something that didn't end up the size of my youngest cat, Nomie, I should have made a gauge swatch. Although, my finished measurements do match up to those of the pattern, the size is way too big and I hated the way it looks on me.

So, first try was no good. Second try I cast on 90 stitches instead of 120 (yes I know that 90 is not divisable by 4, but neither is my head), and it came out great. So, now I have a great head scarf to rally my Eagles on to a win on Friday night. I'll be sure to have my DH take a photo of me in it as we cheer the guys on to a victory.

Oh - by the way, both of our college alma maters are in the IAA National Football Championship Game this Friday night. UMASS (my husband's school) and Appalachian State play each other at 8p in Chattanooga, TN. It was a hard to decide which game to go to, but since we have cheered the Eagles on all season and we could both sit on the same side of the stadium, we decided to go to the NHS game.

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