Monday, October 31, 2005

Christmas Stockings

My knitting time has been taken up with this project that I wish I had never said I would do. A friend of Lisa's "Kate" wanted me to duplicate her hand-knit Christmas stocking for other members of her family. In addition, in the area where the name is on the front, had a date that she wanted changed. Not an easy task. I wasn't able to find yarn that matched exactly, but this is close. "Chip" is my coy. I think it turned out OK. Now to do Chas and Vivi stockings. I hope to have them completed before Thanksgiving. I'm due to go to Seattle for about 10 days in mid November,so this will be my knitting project for the road.
In addition, I am knitting a sweater for Heidi out of the Debbie Bliss Cotton and Angora. It is so soft, but leaves fuzz everywhere (from the Angora) so I learned to put a towel on my lap while knitting. It is knit from the top down and in the round, all stockinette so it is mindless knitting.

These are the stockings. The ?Kate? one is the original and ?Chip? is my copy Posted by Picasa

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