Thursday, October 06, 2005


Your cables are great and you sure are speedy with the knitting! You must be having fun! Are you using the left handed yarn method or throwing the yarn over the needle with the right? I haven't read the pattern for the scarf so I didn't know about the dropped stitches. Where are they? The ones that look like ribbing in the photo? I'm on a mailing list from Herrschners Yarn Shop and each week get emails with sales. Today I purchased Debbie Bliss's Cotton and Angora yarn for $3.47 a skein (usually 7.50). Can't wait to see it! I figured I couldn't go too wrong with that blend. I got a variety of colors and hope to knit a sweater for Heidi as well as the top from Dazzling Knits. I don't ofen buy from Herrschner's, but couldn't resist the Debbie Bliss yarn this week.
Keep me posted on your progress with Ophelia. I love the way you name all your projects.

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