Monday, March 07, 2005

Mailing today

I read about your thrift shop work. I know a woman who did this. Found a navy blue wool sweater at Goodwill and ripped it apart. She then added a varigated yarn to coordinate and knit a great pullover. She has worn it a lot, so it can be done. I've seen it and it looks good. Good luck with yours. Keep me posted on how it goes.
I just returned from the UPS store where I mailed my submission to TKGA for the master's knitting program. I can't believe that I finally finished all the work required at this level. I hope the committee that reviews submissions is OK with what I have done. They usually have some portion that they think you could have done better and will ask that you re-knit that part, either a swatch or an item (sock, cap, etc) that you had to do. I just hope I don't have to re-knit the sweater. That is too big a job. It was my goal to finish the submission while I've been on this extended vacation. Looks like I just made it since I go back to work tomorrow.
I took a class last week on making swimsuits so I could make some dance/ice skating leotards for my granddaughter. So I've been busy with that. I made a pink one during the class and decided that she needed a cross over (wrap) ballet sweater to go with it. I had found this really neat yarn at Michaels and wanted so badly to make something with it, so the ballet sweater is the right thing. I really don't have a pattern. I found some directions on google search and adapted them to her size. The yarn is sooooo soft, Moda-dea (never heard of that brand before) Dream. It is blend of chenille and eyelash. I have finished the fronts and back so I started the sleeves this morning. I hope it turns out OK and that she will wear it. I've done some really cute things that never see the light of day once I finish them because she says they are "itchy." There is no way this is itchy.
I'm going out of town for work tomorrow and will not be home til Saturday. Traveling again the following week, so at least I'll have this project to take with me. I agree that you can get a lot of knitting done while on the road. I really don't have anything to do while in the hotel at night so knitting keeps me company. I think I'm at home again the last week in March but will know more tomorrow which will give me time to get the homework done for the TKGA conference classes.
I'm looking forward to the trip to the conference and seeing you there. It will be so great to share our craft together in person rather than electronically all the time. I think you will find the conference to be inspiring and fill you with ideas. Have you started your coat yet? It might be a little difficult to travel with those pieces, but if you are gone for a few days, put it in a piece of checked luggage. Once I plan to knit something, I must start it right away. Then I can put it down occasionally and go back to it later. I have 3 projects on the needles now and another one or two in my head. Am doing a sweater for me, linen stitch with 3 colors of sport weight yarn, a sweater made with the self patterning sock yarn and the ballet sweater. Surely I'll finish one of them soon.
Travel safe and knit happy.

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