Tuesday, March 15, 2005

On the Road Again

Well, I'm finally back to traveling after being at home for 5 months. It was wonderful to have that time at home. But alas, one must work. I am in Lincoln, NE this week (as last week). I arrived a day early since flights didn't cooperate. My first stop was Threads, the local yarn shop. I met the owner, Gladys and really enjoyed talking to her about my next project. She was so helpful. I wanted to just see some yarn that I could use for my next big project and since she was so helpful, I returned this week to buy some of the colors she has in stock and place a special order with her for the other colors. I'm embarking on a design, I'll call the Wright Wrap. It is a wrap inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and uses about 9 colors. I'll be carrying the yarn back on the plane on Friday and working out my gauge so I can actually draw the graphs that I will need to knit it. You know how it is when you decide that you want to do something really unique. I hope it turns out as great as I have pictured it in my mind. I am so glad to find a yarn shop with a friendly person.
I am knitting in the hotel room at night with the sock yarn and the sweater is turning out very interesting. The pattern is not symmetrical but interesting. I'll attach a picture of it when I get back home.
Thanks for the remarks about my sweater and cap. TKGA has it now and I'm waiting to hear their critique. Should take a few weeks for them to review and comment. My worst fear is that none of the work will pass their evaluation. I would encourage you to get the first level of the master's program and go for it. It isn't too difficult for you to do and what you will learn is priceless. I have learned a lot about knitting by doing all the swatches, answering the questions, doing the book and article reviews, etc. It's a great teaching/learning tool. There are 3 levels and no deadline for getting them finished. Once you pay and get the requirements, if over a year has passed and you haven't completed the work TKGA will send you the updated requirements, which gives you another year to complete the work. I did the first level in 2000, so it has taken me 5 years to complete the other 2 levels.

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