Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sweater Envy

I'm still working on my sister's purse. It's mindless knitting at this point and after making four of the same bag, I'm not sure I want to make one for myself, no matter how much I like the pattern.

I ordered a bunch on yarn from KnitPicks this week. A lot of single skiens to experiment with in colors that I like, but have no real need for. I thought I could use them as filler for my recycled yarn project.

In my haste to rip up my garage sale find last week, I failed to take a picture of the sweater before the disassembly - but here are the balls of yarn that were once a Banana Republic 100% cotton purple sweater.

I liked the texture of the yarn - ribbon like. It should make a nice addition to the wool I have left over from a couple of projects and another sweater I plan to tear into in the next few weeks. The unraveling went well. Not too many short pieces. I saved all the short strands and tied them together to make a cat toy since they all love chasing the balls of yarn as I knit. They love it.

I think that tomorrow I will go out and buy some Lion Brand Yarn and try my hand at the sweater from the cover of Knit 1 magazine to wear this spring. I can appreciate that there is MUCH better and nicer yarn in the world than Lion Brand, but for my first attempt at a sweater I don't want to spend a fortune and I like the coral color that they used in the pattern. I have a horrible tendency to be attracted to dark yarn - black, gray, brown, navy. I'm attempting to break away from this safety net with this first little short sweater. If they don't have pink, I will look for kelly green - my new favorite color for spring. If this sweater goes ok, I will invest in better yarn for round 2. I'd like to actually knit it in a much lighter weight yarn so I can wear it for cool evenings, but I think I will start with the pattern "as is" before thinking I know better than the designer.

Your pieces for your Master Knitter program are just wonderful. I can only hope I will have enough guts to even attempt something like that one day. I guess for now I will just have to admire all of these beautiful things I see and use them as inspiration.

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