Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Olympics - Days 4 & 5

I'm working on the foot of the sock. After successfully turning the heel and in the middle of knitting the instep, one of my brand new Brittany needles cracked and eventually broke. I had enough length on the needle to continue to work, but I will have to make a trip to the LYS to get another set.

I was a little shocked by the break, since I have other Brittany needles and they are such high quality, I really didn't expect this to happen. But I believe that the true sign of a good company is how they handle problems and Brittany has this covered. I happened to notice on the needle pack that the needles are guaranteed for five years. I went to the website and all I had to do was send an e-mail with the needle information and they would replace my needle within two weeks! How fantastic. While I will still need to purchase a new set, eventually I will have two complete sets. I guess I better get good at knitting socks.

Could this be equated to Kerri Scruggs in the 1996 Summer Olympics when she hurt herself on her first vault, but went back out there and nailed her second vault to win the gold for the women's gymnastic's team? Ok, that might be pushing it, but I am making progress. I just hope they fit after all is said and done.

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