Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Newest Knit-lete

I decided to challenge myself over the 16-days of the Olympics, so I signed up for the Knitting Olympics, just prior to the deadline of midnight last night. However, I decide not to tackle the sweater I posted previously. I plan on knitting this sweater over Spring Break at the beach (yes, when you're married to a school teacher you still get spring break). Due to lack of funds to buy the yarn required for the sweater and the threat of a ton of travel in February, I've decided to complete a basic pair of socks as a part of the Knitting Olympics. I figure that if I am sent back to Texas over the 16 days of the event (totally likely), that socks will be easier to manage on the plane.

I'm going to use this pattern from Vogue Knitting, Fall 1992. It gives good directions (believe it or not) and I like how basic the pattern is (I'm not all that keen on fancy socks anyway - I can't wear them with heels and a suit, so why bother). I'm going to do my best to update each day.

In other news, I've felted my free-form purse. I don't know what I will use for handles, but what I do know is that they won't be knitted. I'm going to try something different. Who knows what I'll come up with. I'll post photos later once the handles are on - whatever they turn out to be.

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