Monday, January 31, 2005

Adding new yarn in the middle of a row

Adding new yarn in the middle of a row

I don't remember where I learned this but sometimes you just have to add new yarn in the middle of a row. In the pics I used red for the new yarn. Step 1 is to simply lay the new yarn on top of the old yarn and work a few stitches with both yarns held together.

Copmpleted 3 stitches with new yarn

You can see the 4 stitches with both the red and white yarns. Now complete the row with the new yarn and when working the next row, just knit the 4 stitches as if there was only one yarn in the stitch.

Finished stitches with new yarn 
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Once completed, you really can't see the old yarn since it hides so beautifully unde the old yarn and the additional bulk isn't noticeable, expecially in the felting projects that you are doing.
Hope this helps.

Your doggie sweater looks great. Looks as if you mastered the shaping that you were worried about. Once you learn those basics, then sweaters, coats, etc are just a step away. I haven't knit the Einstein coat but know of others who have and they liked it. Macon is a great place to own a lighter weight coat. Can't get too much use out of it in the midwest.


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