Monday, January 31, 2005

Adding new yarn

I thought I would share with you the technique that I learned from Maureen Mason-Jamieson at the workshop for K.N.I.T. in Tulsa in November since you had some trouble with adding more yarn in the felted bags you were making. She says, at the end of the row when your current yarn won't do a complete next row, make a fish shape (loop) with the new yarn with the short end on top of the bottom end (if you hold it up to look at it). In the picture I am using red yarn so you can see the path the yarn takes to create the new stitch and anchor the "tail" I hope you can see the short tail is above the longer yarn attached to the ball. I insert the right needle into the first stitch as if to knit, then attach the loop I have created over the needle and pull it through, a knit stitch completed.

Adding additional yarn at end of row, step 1 Posted by Hello

I'll put the next step in the next post since I can't figure out how to post more than one picture in a posting.

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