Thursday, January 27, 2005


I enjoy your pictures so much that I decided to try it. The first sweater I knit for myself in my teens was a yellow cardigan made with some Benjamin Franklin "dime store" yarn from Main Street, I'm sure. I never wore it very much, didn't like the color, the way it zipped or the way the cables added more bulk to my shape. Since then I've knit a few Arans mostly as gifts for others. I have to design and knit something with Aran techniques for the TKGA's Master's Knitting program. It can be a sweater or a hat. I chose to knit a pullover. I've done the design work and am in the proces of knitting it. Here is where I am at present.

This is the back of the Aran Pullover Posted by Hello

The other technique required is Fair Isle. Since I chose to do a sweater in Aran, the hat must be in Fair Isle. I'm working on a design for it as well. I'll post that picture later.

Back to the needles, KOK (keep on knitting)

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