Monday, January 10, 2005


I had no idea how important it was to receive compliments on your work. I knitted two purses for holiday gifts this year and gave them to my very stylish sister-in-law and very happenin' mother-in-law. I received a call on Saturday from both of them telling me how much they loved them and how many ohhs and ahhs they've received from their friends. It's very exciting to have someone admire your work - especially when you're not present.

The felted bag pattern I used was "The Lucy Bag," by Two Old Bags. Great for a first time, non-scarf, project and it was fun to see how the huge bag shrinks to the perfect size after three or four washings. I'm hooked on felting. I'll post photos tomorrow of the two completed purses and the one I have in process.

Last night I knitted a flower to felt to use as a pin on the brown and pink Lucy Bag I'm currently knitting for my mother. I'll post the before and after photos of the felting tonight. I'm really into flower lapel pins, so if I can get the sizing just right, maybe I'll make a few to wear to work and add a little fun to my boring suits!

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