Friday, January 14, 2005

Old knitter, new blogger

I finally got all the computer stuff worked out, an account created and will now join the blog. I am an old knitter who knows a thing or two about computers, but nothing about blogs. So bear with me, let's hope I get it figured out.
Heather, I am so pleased that you have discovered knitting. I was getting worried that there would be no one in your generation to take this craft into the next generation, since I don't know if any of your cousins interested in knitting. I thought the bags you made were very professional. You're right, admiration is a wonderful thing. It may be one of the reasons I enjoy associating with other knitters so much. They know the work it takes to create something so beautiful and technically comples. I am a member of the Tulsa Knitting Guild, K.N.I.T. (Knitting Needles in Tulsa). It is a great group of women who have so much talent. I enjoyed attending their meetings when I was on an engagement there last year and returned this fall to their fall workshop (with Maureen Mason-Jamieson) to socialize with the women and to learn new techniques for knitting. You never get too old to learn.

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