Monday, January 24, 2005


Mom's purse is complete. I've here are a couple before felting and after felting photos.

It felted nicely; however, a few of the places where I had either started a new color or started a new ball of yarn didn't hold very well when I washed the bag and I had holes in a few places after the first washing. I stitched them back together and washed again and it seemed to hold up this time around. Next bag I'll keep the tails a lot longer and actually knot the spots where it joins to prevent this. The best thing about felting is it's forgiveness! I'm ready to begin a new project tonight. While I wait on my sweater yarn to arrive, I've got a pattern for a dog sweater that I'm going to start for my mom's dogs. It has some modest shaping involved which maybe I can carry over into my "real" sweater in a few weeks.

I hope you're still enjoying your surger. I understand that it makes a world of difference when sewing clothes - something that I've yet to master. The flannel PJ pants that I made last year were big enough to fit me and my sister in. I've stuck to quilting and making dolls on my sewing machine.

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